Mobile Drug and Alcohol Testing throughout the United States.

DFW On site Drug Testing & Alcohol Testing

DISA Global Solutions, formerly FleetScreen, is the industry-leading provider of employee screening and compliance services. Headquartered in Houston, with more than 35 offices throughout the U.S. and Canada, DISA’s comprehensive scope of services includes drug and alcohol testing, background screening, occupational health, and transportation compliance, as well as on-site drug and alcohol testing.

We offer 3 different on-site collection solutions that can be customized to your industries and specific needs. Our team of experienced on-site collectors are available to cover a wide range of testing needs including: wall-to-wall, periodic, random, and post-accident testing. We also help test at job fairs or new hire orientation. If you need drug and alcohol collections on-site, our teams have the experience, knowledge, and confidence to complete testing in any situation.

We have proven that wait time at clinics is costly for employers, so why wait when we can come to you! Our quick response for triggering event scenarios such as post-accidents and reasonable suspicions is all the more reason to check us out. You can coordinate onsite testing at your location to provide operational efficiency!

Wait time at clinics is costly for employers. Quick response for triggering event scenarios such as post-accidents and reasonable suspicions. Coordinate onsite testing at client locations provides operational efficiencies. No time waiting at the clinic. We come to you!

We can accommodate your testing needs with male or female collectors. Why wait? Call us to arrange your on-site testing event. Local (817) 332-0044 or toll free (866) 622-0044.